This week, instead of going for a run I drank a bottle of wine and ate an entire advent calendar.

We’re all being told how we should build healthy habits. We should eat well, we should sleep well, we should be mindful, we should get rid of stuff that doesn’t spark joy.

Should, should, should.

But let’s be honest, whether we’re fighting mental health conditions or just going through a shit time, sometimes we can get a little… selfcareless.

This is a podcast to acknowledge that, and try to bring together people who are going through it. I’m not a life coach. I’m not looking back on when I struggled and am now telling you how to fix your life, from my new status as a six-figure influencer.

I’m going through it now. I have depression (or is it bipolar disorder?) and I keep fucking up. I’m sick of feeling so alone in this. So I’m inviting you to join me.

Welcome, to all you selfcareless… 

PS I’m

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